Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets

Aromatherapy has been touted to reduce anxiety, enhance energy and induce relaxation in people but are they safe for use around your pets? There are few scientific studies that have looked at the use of aromatherapy for pets and whether it has the same effects in them; as a result, there are certain rules of thumb that should be followed. While we are not dispensing advice or advising aromatherapy for your pet, we hope to bring awareness and share information to ensure your pet’s safety and health. To learn more on this important topic, go here or here or here. If you think your pet may have consumed or had contact with“Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets”

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Rescuers Come In All Ages

January 9th, a blind black cat named Jewels was found by three Jefferson Elementary School students. Thankfully, the cat was reunited with it’s owner. Our heroes were in the store today, and we would like to introduce you to the Pet Posse’s newest Junior Deputies: Liam, Chayce, and Logan. What an honor to have these bright caring young men in our Posse!

Why Microchip Your Pet

Losing your pet can be a traumatic and even tragic event. Conscientious pet guardians protect their pets with collars and ID tags. Unfortunately, collars and ID tags are not foolproof and dogs and cats can still get lost. Collars can break or fall off, leaving your beloved pet among the countless, unidentified lost strays at animal shelters. The true tragedy is the fact that it can easily be prevented with the use of microchips. What are microchips? Microchips are implantable computer chips that encode a unique identification number to help reunite you with your lost pet. They are no bigger than a grain of rice and they are placed under“Why Microchip Your Pet”

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How the Pet Posse Came To Be

The story of how The Port Angeles Pet Posse came to be. DUKE: This big boy was adopted by Shell’ey, the founder and director of The Port Angeles Pet Posse, on Mother’s Day, 2014. He had been used in the dogfighting rings, abused, and was terrified of all humans. Being newly rescued, he didn’t know his new family, territory, or even his name. Within 36 hours of arriving in Port Angeles, he became frightened by a raccoon at the door and bolted into the streets of Port Angeles. Shell’ey tried to bring him back, but he just kept running for the next two months. During this time of searching, Shell’ey“How the Pet Posse Came To Be”

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Pet Posse Is A Phone Call Away

If you have a missing pet and would like our help, call 360-775-5154 between 8 am to 8 pm. We do not monitor messages on our website or  Facebook Page 24/7. All cases require an intake, so calling us is the fastest way to get our volunteers helping you find your lost pet. Many of you know how heart-breaking it is when a family pet is lost. Pet Posse intends to be there for you the next time it occurs. We have 14 volunteers who can be activated with one phone call. Whomever answers will get a complete description of your pet, the area last seen, the name of the pet,“Pet Posse Is A Phone Call Away”

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