Our Mission

Reuniting Precious Lost-and-Found Pets With Their Loving Owners

Port Angeles Pet Posse is a volunteer group that works with owners to find their lost pets or found pets looking for their “lost” owners. Pet Posse volunteers are unpaid, donating their time because we know how heartbreaking it is when a family pet is lost. Pet Posse intends to be there for you the next time it occurs. We have 14 volunteers who can be activated with one phone call. Whomever answers will get a complete description of your pet, the area last seen, the name of the pet, and any special characteristics searchers should be aware of. We have a local veterinarian who will help with emergency care if a rescued pet is injured during their romp. Likewise, we hope someone will volunteer who can provide foster care when a pet is found but the owner cannot be contacted immediately. We do not charge to help search for a missing pet but most of our funding for the services provided comes from donations. However, we do have a finders fee/boarding charge if an animal is brought in to us, these are asked for when the animal is released. These fees are vital to help cover the cost of caring for your pet during his/her stay with us.


If you have a missing pet and would like our help, call 360-775-5154 between 8am and 8pm. All cases require an intake and calling us is the fastest way to get our volunteers helping you find your lost pet. For more information about what we do, CLICK HERE.

Some of the Pets We’ve Reunited

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