What We Do

Port Angeles Pet Posse was formed to help others reunite with their pets. Our founder realized our community needed assistance with how to start a search and rescue for lost/found pets and owners. At the time there was nowhere to turn or resources available. Pet Posse’s first search was in November 2014. Our volunteers give of their time to assist owners in searching and finding their pets. Searches are at no cost to the owner, although the owner is expected to cover the costs of printed flyers and, if needed, assist the searchers.

How It Works

Port Angeles Pet Posse is an all-volunteer group that works with owners to find their lost pets or found pets looking for their “lost” owners. Pet Posse volunteers are unpaid, donating their time because they know how difficult it can be to lose a pet. We also care for unattended pets whose owners are in the hospital, assist veterans and indigent people in saying goodbye to an elderly or terminally ill pet, and we will help the county in a disaster.

Pet owners are strongly encouraged to put a collar with ID tag on your pets as well as microchipping. A registered microchip makes it faster and easier to reunite your pet with you. If your dog has a microchip, please be sure to pay the yearly fee for the service through the microchip company and keep your contact information current. Even a rabies tag on a collar helps! Having these tools also helps provide proof you have legal ownership of the pet.

We will not pick up feral cats, dogs or animals roaming at large or go onto someone’s property without permission for a search. It is our intent to be respectful to property owners.

If Your Pet Is Missing Or You Have Found A Pet

If you have a missing pet or have found a pet and would like our help, please call us at 360.775.5154. Calling us is the fastest way to get our volunteers helping reunite the lost pet. An intake is required before the pet’s information is posted to our website and Facebook Page. We do not monitor our FB Page or this website 24/7.


8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Sunday. You can always leave messages after hours and we will get back to you when we open the next day.

Veterinary Transport

Using our fully equipped pet ambulance, we can transport sick animals to their veterinarians when an owner is unable to. We will pick up the animal in distress to transport the pet for treatment to the veterinary of the pet owner’s choice in the Port Angeles and Sequim areas, as well as providing a return trip home. We can also transport pets to an emergency facility in Poulsbo or Silverdale. Learn more.

Animals Other Than Cats and Dogs

We do not rescue wild animals, i.e., raccoons, birds and other wildlife. These animals should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Contact Northwest Wildlife and Raptor Center at 360-681-2283 or visit NW Raptor & Wildlife Center.

For Horses: please contact Olympic Peninsula Equine Rescue at 360-207-1688.

Animals such as salamanders and other wildlife native to the State of Washington are illegal to have as “pets”. Please do not take these animals out of their natural habitats.

Who We Are

Port Angeles Pet Posse is an all-volunteer group that works with owners to find their lost pets or found pets looking for their “lost” owners. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Pet Posse is reliant on sponsorships and donations to fund our programs, services, and operating expenses. Your charitable donations are tax-deductible and we will provide a receipt upon request.

Why Donate

Donations help us continue our mission of reuniting pets with their owners. Donations are used to help the next animal that is missing. We can help create flyers (the owner is responsible to pay for and pick up the flyers and deliver a copy to Pet Posse). We also post your pet’s information across social media so more people are aware your pet is missing or found.

Donations can be made through: PayPal, Sound Community Bank, First Federal Bank, or at the Port Angeles Pet Posse location. Donations help us continue to help the community by covering costs of searching and helping reunite animals and their owners.


Local businesses can help by sponsoring the Pet Posse. Sponsorship is critical to our existence and benefits both parties.

Pet Education

We are available for presentations to community groups, schools, or interested organizations, to help provide information and awareness about the Port Angeles Pet Posse, pet safety etc. Call 360.775.5154 to schedule a presentation.

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