Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets

Aromatherapy has been touted to reduce anxiety, enhance energy and induce relaxation in people but are they safe for use around your pets? There are few scientific studies that have looked at the use of aromatherapy for pets and whether it has the same effects in them; as a result, there are certain rules of thumb that should be followed. While we are not dispensing advice or advising aromatherapy for your pet, we hope to bring awareness and share information to ensure your pet’s safety and health. To learn more on this important topic, go here or here or here.

If you think your pet may have consumed or had contact with essential oils, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline at 888.426.4435. Your pet reacts differently to these substances than you do, so it’s important you talk to your veterinarian before using them around your furry family.

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