Thank You Notes

“When I realized that our cat, Felix, was missing, I was just overcome. Fear, heartache, desperation, and worst of all, paralysis. When friends urged me to call Pet Posse, I was so grateful to have a way to take action, a way to get help. Pet Posse responded immediately, putting up flyers in and around the neighborhood. They came to visit us, and searched all around our property for hiding places. They asked all the right questions, and they had really good answers to mine. Not a word or gesture of blame. And, of course, that was where my mind and heart were stuck. They seemed to realize that I was frozen in place. Their organization is all volunteers, and I was assured that they are a very spiritual group, always saying a prayer for guidance before beginning a search. They contacted KONP, they put a picture of our cat, with a description, on Facebook, they put up the flyers, and they have called us every few days to let us know that we have not been forgotten. Once Pet Posse came to our rescue, I was able to get going in the neighborhood, talking to people and showing them our cat’s picture. I learned that our neighborhood is a cat-friendly one; lots of people have cats and were sympathetic with us. I called PFOA to put them on the alert for a yellow cat with a notched ear. Pet Posse asked me to go to the Humane Society every day or so and check to see if our cat might have been brought there. That has been very difficult, as I want to bring all the animals home with me. Our Felix has not been found, but Pet Posse urges us to pray, and to never give up hope. They know of cats that have been missing for months who have returned; their experiences make me realize that we could not have had better, or more dedicated helpers. Knowing that they are on the watch helps us to bear the terrible feelings of loss. When Felix adopted us 10 years ago, we had never had a cat. We had no idea how much a little yellow ball of fluff could enrich our lives!”
Nancy Harkins

“I cannot say enough about Pet Posse. When an animal goes missing and you have someone to call and help you look your chances of finding the lost pet is so much greater. Thank you, Pet Posse. You perform a fabulous service for us in Port Angeles.”
Megan Swenning O’Donnell

“Pet Posse has helped me reunite two animals in the past year, and has actually helped me get mine back once. They have great communication and were very kind. Our community is blessed to have this service!”
Jennifer Hudson Odland

“Pet Posse rocks! hasn’t been but an hour since I called about a found dog they’ve already found the owner so grateful for this service that they do”
Lillith Israel Much

“The Port Angeles Pet Posse is all-volunteer. They go out any time day or night. I love this group and would be helping myself if I was well enough.”
Dee Groves

“Pet Posse really went out of their way—even past business hours to put out the alert in an effort to find my dogs. THANK YOU!!!”
Teresa Hanson

“My dog got lost and Pet Posse stepped right in to help. And they do it for the love of animals.”
Sandy Fox

“Pet Posse responded to my call even though I was not the owner. They did their best to find a dog I had seen and since looked frantically for. Within hours they had picked up the dog and reunited her with her owner. My only hope is the owner takes precautions to ensure the dog does not get lost again. Thank you Pet Posse.”
Brandi Larson

“What an awesome thing to do! We have had only one furry family member come up missing in the past 20 years but if we would have had the Pet Posse years ago, it may not have taken so long to find our loved one. Thankful to know you are here.”
DeAnna Dean Stossel

“The people are so nice and personable and want to find your pet as badly as you do! My family and I are so appreciative for all the help they gave us. Without them we probably wouldn’t have gotten our sweet Charlie back!”
Corrine Reed

“Amazing and wonderful to have people come together to help animals! It adds love and happiness to our community.”
Sandy Caudill

“One day was all Pet Posse needed to reunite us with our Mini! God Bless them. What a great thing they do!”
Jeremy Aldana

“What a fantastic and much needed service for the community!”
Shenna Younger

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